Thank you for making sure The Social Space is left in the same condition as when you arrived! We simply ask for you to treat the space as if it were your own home. Please be mindful of your check-out time, as we may have guests checking in directly following your event. Any damage should be reported to us immediately at 715-529-5051, so that we can make the next guest’s experience as pleasant as your own.

In order to keep the rates we charge low, we do ask you to clean up in a reasonable fashion before leaving. Below is a quick checklist:

Kitchen: *Spray Bottle with all purpose solution can be used on all surfaces*

  • Flooring – Vacuum and swiffer wet mop all floors.
  • Refrigerator – Empty all food and wipe down the inside of the refrigerator.
  • Appliances – Wipe up any spills inside the microwave.
  • Cabinets – Remove all food and other personal items.
  • Counters/Tables – Wipe down all surfaces.

Main Room:

  • Floors – Vacuum floors and mop up any spills as needed (you can fill the mop bucket beneath the bathroom sink or use the Swiffer wet jet.)
  • Furniture – Check for any stains or spills.
  • Furniture & Accessories – Must be returned to their original position.
  • Lights – Must be turned off.
  • TVs – please turn off the TVs and return the remote to their velcroed spots.


  • Garbage – Cans must be emptied & new garbage bags put in (bags can be found under the kitchen sink). Please take all garbage with you to be disposed of. (Including boxes, wrapping paper, etc).
  • Lock Doors – All doors must be locked before leaving. Please double-check the back door to ensure that it is locked.
  • Keys – Must be accounted for and returned to the proper lockbox. There will be a $100 fee for missing or lost keys.

Cleaning supplies can be found under the kitchen sink or in the utility room.

Thank you so much!