Rental Deposit & Damage Deposit

A rental deposit of $300 is required at the time the date is reserved and the contract is signed. The damage deposit, or a portion thereof, will be returned to the Renter within 7-10 days after the event and upon inspection of the premises and adherent to the policies listed in this contract immediately after completion of the event. The Renter is fully responsible for any damage or loss to the premises or any objects contained therein, during time they have the space reserved. This includes but is not limited to carpet stains (red wine, gum, etc.), damage to floor surfaces, and any damage to any furniture. If an event is canceled, or the Renter does not show up for their event, the damage deposit will be refunded; however, no other fees collected will be refunded.

Minimum Age

The Social Space requires Renters to be at least twenty-one years old at the time the space is reserved. The Social Space reserves the right to verify.

Time Slot

In order to stay diligent, courteous and ready for our next guests, we ask all Renters to be prompt in their arrival and departure times. The rental period must include all set up and clean up needed for your event. These hours apply to all vendors and caterers. If Renters exceed the pre-booked time period, The Social Space will charge $25 for every extra fifteen (15) minutes past paid for and approved time slot. These additional fees will be deducted from the paid damage deposit.

Included Space

Rental fee reserves the entire facility for the event. No part of the event can take place outside of The Social Space facility, including but not limited to the front area, the parking area and the space behind the building without prior consent.

Vendor Adherence to Contract

Vendors, such as caterers, who are hired by the Renter are also bound by the terms of this agreement. Responsibility for enforcement of the terms resides with the Renter.

Guest Behavior

The Social Space has residential and commercial neighbors. All guests are the responsibility of the Renter and the Renter will be held accountable if behavior becomes unruly or disruptive. Minor children are allowed with direct adult supervision. No pets are allowed. The Social Space has the right to evict or cancel, during the Renters event. the Renter, their guests, their vendors, at any time without notice if complaints are received for noise or other disruptive behavior. In the event this happens, no moneys shall be refunded.


Kitchenette is available for the Renter or caterer’s use. Renter must provide their own paper and disposable products. All food and supplies that were brought in for the event must be removed from the kitchen by the conclusion of the rental time period.

Food Preparation

Open flame food preparation is not allowed within or around The Social Space Premises.


Included in the rental fee are two (3) rectangular tables, twenty-eight (28) dinner table chairs, two (2) tall round cocktail tables, two (2) love-seats, two (2) three-person couches, two (2) single decorative brown chairs, a bench seating 6-8 people, ten (10) barstools, one (1) easel, one (1) balloon arch. These may be moved but need to be returned to their original position at the end of the event. If you need the space to be open without furniture or limited furniture, please let The Social Space staff know at the time of booking. Additional fees may apply if furniture needs to be removed and will only be done for full-day (8+ hour) bookings.

Additional Decorations

The Social Space does not allow silly string, bubbles, confetti or glitter inside at any time. We do not allow anything to be thrown outside such as: rice, birdseed, confetti or glitter. No tacks, adhesives, nails, staples, glue etc. on walls or ceiling. Nothing that will allow permanent damage or holes of any kind is allowed. No candles are allowed. Existing material cannot be removed from the walls, windows, or floors without written permission. If these rules are not observed, it may result in the loss of part or all the damage deposit.

Audio Visual

The Social Space has two Roku TV’s available for Renters to use during their rental period. You may hook up anything to the TV’s so long as your devices are compatible with HDMI and/or USB ports. Any lost remote controls will be charged at $100 each. To respect our neighbors, we do not provide any microphones/speakers.

Bands and DJs

Due to the proximity of our residential and neighbors and fellow businesses, The Social Space does not allow bands or DJs at events.


Deliveries prior to the event must be scheduled with The Social Space.


Parking is available in front and the side of the building all day. After 5pm parking is available behind the building, so long it does not block access for other vehicles to drive back there.

No Smoking

Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere within our facility, only outside. This includes electronic cigarettes. Cigarettes must be extinguished properly and disposed of in the container provided.

Lost and Found

The Social Space is not responsible for the loss of any personal items, including gifts. Renter is responsible for all items left behind by guests.

Out of our control

In the event of fire, catastrophe, or events beyond the control of The Social Space that prevents a scheduled event from going forward, that scheduled event shall be canceled. The Social Space shall refund Renter’s deposit and any fees paid within ten days of said cancellation. The Social Space does not offer refunds or cancellations due to inclement weather.

Safety and Security

The Social Space values your safety. Therefore, please understand that in order to promote the safety of Renters, their guests, their vendors, any visitors and any employees, as well as the security of its facilities, The Social Space may conduct video surveillance of any portion of its premises at any time. The only exception being private areas such as restrooms or dressing rooms. Cameras will be positioned in appropriate places within and around The Social Space building spaces and used in order to help promote the safety and security of people and property. By signing this agreement, you hereby give consent to such video surveillance at any time The Social Space may choose. Video is for The Social Spaces’ use only and will not be distributed, sold or used for advertising.

Release of Liability and Indemnification

Renter hereby does indemnify and hold harmless The Social Space from and against all claims of whatever nature from any accident, injury or damage to
persons or property arising from the use of the premises, or the roads or streets providing access hereto. This indemnity shall include all costs, claims, expenses, penalties, liens and liabilities, including attorney fees, and is no way limited by the amount of the damage and/or security deposit. Renter’s obligations with respect to the indemnities therefore shall survive the termination of this agreement.


Renter shall leave the Space in the same or similar condition as when Renter entered. Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the space beyond ordinary wear and tear. The Social Space shall be entitled to arrange for any necessary repairs at Renter’s expense. Renter shall reimburse The Social Space for any such repairs within 30 days of receipt of The Social Space’s written request for reimbursement. Request shall be accompanied by written verification of the amount.

Compliance with Laws

Renter shall obtain and maintain any necessary permits, licenses, or other forms of permission necessary to use the space. Renter shall not use the space in any manner that would violate local, state or federal laws or regulations including the serving of alcohol. Under no circumstances shall alcohol be consumed or provided to anyone under the age of 21. Renter hereby indemnifies The Social Space, its employees, officers, directors, or other agents for any damages, penalties, fines, suits, actions, or other costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with Renter’s violation of any local, state or federal law, rule, regulation or ordinance related to Renter’s use of the space.

Maximum capacity

The Social Space has been approved for a maximum capacity of 48 guests. If Renter exceeds maximum capacity, Renter will take full responsibility and be liable for any fines or legal ramifications. The Social Space reserves the right to cancel an event immediately and Renter will forfeit all payments and fees if maximum capacity is breached.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Wisconsin, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

Clean Up

Clean up will be performed by Renter in accordance with The Social Space’s cleaning checklist. For full-day (8+ hour) reservations, if Renter prefers, and makes arrangements at least 72 hours in advance, they can pay a cleaning fee of $200 in advance and The Social Space will take care of cleaning up. If the cleaning cost exceeds $200 because of neglect or overuse, the Renter agrees to pay the additional charges within 10 days of receiving an invoice and proof of expense.


Keys must be returned to the lock box at the end of the rental period. There will be a $100 charge per key for a lost key.


There is a 3% online booking fee charged to all bookings.

Renter Cancellations

Upon booking, you have 24 hours to cancel your reservation with a full refund. After 24 hours, only your security deposit will be refunded. The Social Space will make your time available again and only provide a refund based on that time period getting rebooked.

The Social Space reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement as needed.